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        In the new economic times, the key of a company success is the effective strategic management of human capital. Therefore, more and more companies have made the HR management as their emphasis. In fact, according to the statistics, HR managers spend more than 75% of their time on daily works, such as employee on-boarding processes, and labor contract managements, etc. These non-strategic works occupy managers too much time and limit the improvement of HR management efficiency.

        With the development of information technology, many managers realized that the technology application has great importance on efficiency improvement of HR management. Therefore, the HR information system appears. After nearly 20 years’ development, the formal simple human resource system has gradually formed the current e-HR system which covers the enterprise overall HR management. The e-HR formation has extremely significant importance on both the entire HR management efficiency optimization, and the modern HR management strategic position improvement. E-HR can truly achieve the integration with HR management , finance, logistic and customer relationship, which realizes the HR department function change.

        With the rapid development and wide application of Internet/Intranet technology, the e-HR helps the HR management break its original closed mode, spread to each corner of the enterprise, realize the all employee management, and provide the diagnose, analysis and planning for the enterprise HR management. A successful e-HR system can closely align the employees with the enterprise, improve the enterprise HR management quality, and provide strong and quick support for the enterprise business decision, in order to ultimately improve the HR management from transactional affairs to strategic control, and to create the “people-oriented” office management culture.

        Facing the HR management challenge in this new economic times, with the powerful customization function of “e-Techgine Software Platform”, Techgine Information System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides the “HR Platform V8” – the e-HR management solution to improve HR working efficiency, optimize HR management flow, improve the service quality, and provide HR decision analysis, then drives the enterprise overall HR management revolution.

        The concept of “HR Platform V8”, from Techgine Information System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is “Profession Makes Success, Innovation Leads Future”. We continuously research the new products and functions with the most advanced technology and tools, by always keeping an eye on the latest national policy, the latest HR management concept and the newest development of IT industry. Due to our sustainable development and constantly innovation, the “HR Platform V8” can better meet customer’s requirements, and support enterprise management change during the development, to guarantee the success of each project.