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        Facing the HR management challenge in this new economic times, with the powerful customized function of “e-Techgine Software Platform”, Techgine Information System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides the “HR Platform V8” – the e-HR management solutions to improve HR working efficiency, optimize HR management flow, improve the service quality, and provide decision analysis for HR , then drives the enterprise overall HR management revolution.



      Organization Management
      Organization structure definition and reconstruction; position / job, job title and level system definition and management; multi-dimension organization structure management support; organization report system user-definition; organization history auto save; intuitive and diverse organization structure diagram, etc.

      Personnel Management
      Various employee information and registration book input and modification; employee internal whole process management, from employee entry, enrollment, internal transfer (mobility, job transfer, etc.), to quit, etc.; employee trail period, files and labor contract management; personnel operation reminder definition; HR planning; employee information code configuration, etc.

      Attendance Management
      Time card machine dynamic connection; user definition of employee working schedule and regulation; employee attendance situation record and management; attendance daily report and monthly summary; employee leave management; online overtime and leave application and approval; a variety of attendance report output, etc.

      Compensation and Benefit
      Payroll unit /group definition and management under strict permission protection; payroll system user-definition, salary and bonus items user-definition, payroll calculation formula user-definition; salary standard user-definition; social insurance and public accumulation fund parameter setting; income tax standard definition; payroll adjustment; salary deduction and pay retroactively management; bank account and bank offer management; financial interface, etc.

      Recruitment Management
      Recruitment flow management, from position arrangement, recruitment plans, recruitment implementation plans to employee hire; recruitment budget and expense management; candidate information management; talent database management; recruitment channel management; recruitment notice release; online interview and assessment, etc.

      Training Management
      Online investment and review of training demand; training plan development; training implementation management; training budget management; employee training file management; training policy and notice release; trainer database establishment; user- definition of training channels, training courses, training locations, and training methods; training cost control, etc.

      Performance Management
      User-definition of performance assessment classification ; user-definition of performance assessment target; organization and personal performance management plan development and review; performance assessment setting (assessment, participants, weight function, roles, etc.); online performance assessment and review; performance plan and review result record; employee reward & punishment real-time record; performance management policy release; performance management notice release; performance assessment result connection with payroll, etc.

      Dynamic Report System
      User-defined various query and report; a variety of analysis charts creation; automatic check function of chart offered; report output and print function available; flexible interface with office system, etc.

      HR Portal
      Online multi-process application and approval of HR issues; company HR culture propaganda; company introduction; organization chart/HR map online query; employee rules; notice board; regulation management, discussion area; suggestion box; employee satisfaction and engagement survey; employee contact information; to-do list and user-defined reminder; timely message, etc.

      Resume Analysis & Online Evaluation System
      Connected with email system, the resume “one key input” function is available; resume auto analysis and input, resume template auto recognization, key information extract; directly arrangment of the evaluation plan for the candidates, selection of the exam papers and the exam location to make the exam license number; auto obtainment of the candidates evaluation result; support for the unlimited random sampling person evaluation, etc.