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        If you have any suggestions or opinions, please call us via
        021-51755529 or email us via


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      • 1.
        • Customers can directly inform the Techgine technical service center about the system problem via fax, phone call, or E-mail.

        • Techgine Information system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
          Tel : (86 - 021) 51755529
          Fax : (86 - 021) 51755529 - 801
          Customer Service Center Email :

        Technical service center will collect the details of the customer related system problems, and record the inquire call.
        Technical service center will solve the problem for the users, and offer the solution in the fastest way.
        If the reply needs time, technical service center will assign the problem a priority level, and offer the correspondent support ASAP.
        As soon as the solution set down, Techgine will inform the customers about the actual situation and support by phone call, E-mail, remote maintenance or on-site maintenance.