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        German philosopher Leibniz once said:" There are no two exactly same leaves in the world." It means there are no two same things in the world. Things have commonality, and difference as well. Similarly, there are no two same enterprises in the world. Different enterprise has different business philosophy, management policy and business workflow. Therefore, different enterprise needs different management software.

        Currently, most of the management softwares on the market are universal, which bring the same operation function, and the same management flow to the enterprises. It makes the enterprise lose its own management feature, and it cannot fully comply with the enterprise’s own requirements. Secondary modification of the universal software costs high, implementation cycle is long, test is complex, and the risk is high. It’s a heavy burden for the enterprises, and most of them are prohibitive.

        Techgine combined with years of experience from project implementation, absorbed the mature concepts from the universal management software, and learnt the foreign advanced software development technology, then created the “e-Techgine Software Platform” with great effort.

        “e-Techgine Software Platform” provides a platform where users can quickly create or adjust the application systems such as eHR, CRM, OA, ERP. The platform has the strong secondary development function, with exceptional scalability. Without modifying the backend code, users can quickly and flexibly create, delete, and move various business function modules, self-define all kinds of business forms, business executive button, business workflow, working menu, working report, formulas, etc.. Meanwhile, the advantage of the flexible system input and output, the efficient data permutation, and the fast data query enables customers be more proficient.

        With the powerful advantage of “e-Techgine Software Platform”, according to the enterprise’s own requirements, and learning from the enterprise’s business concepts, working pattern, and workflow management, technicians can set up a unique management for the enterprise which meets the actual needs of the enterprise and can support the enterprise deep and growing development.

        With many years of experience in enterprise information technology project implementation, Techgine summarized and established a complete set of project service operation system which includes user business requirement consultant, project design, system development, backend test, function extension, field project implementation, customer training, after-sales service hotline support, system on-site maintenance and system upgrades, etc., to guarantee the successful acceptance of each customized project.