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      Cooperation Partner


        If you have any suggestions or opinions, please call us via
        021-51755529 or email us via


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      Marketing Support

      Jointly participation in the national and regional professional shows and exhibitions
      Media advertising support
      Your company introduction and website link on www.garmentsofsalvation.net
      Regular performance publication on www.garmentsofsalvation.net
      Your company introduction and promotion in marketing activities or the press conference
      Full-time channel marketing person arranged to guide and work with marketing events
      Part advertising campaigns cost reimbursement

      Sales Support

      We will sign the product sales cooperation agreement
      We allow you to sell products to potential customers and provide you the license
      You have the right to install the product demo version for product training or sales in specified areas or regions
      We will provide you Techgine related materials like product introduction, technical books, sales brochures, etc.
      We will provide you the full range of software quotation and your cooperate discount. We guarantee the fair and open quotation

      Technical Support

      We offer free training in sales capacity, implementation capacity and technical capability for partner
      We offer free technical response and support via telephone, e-mail or letters
      We regularly held senior technical and maintenance service training
      We provide remote technical support to the customer problems which the partner cannot solve


      Techgine will reward you with excess bonus according to the different users and the cooperate mode