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        With the enterprise information development and growing mature, many OA systems for the companies have integrated more and more applications. It becomes more and more complex, exceeds traditional OA scope, and integrates many enterprise resource like talent, finance, property, information, knowledge, etc., and it’s gradually form an synergic application platform for office work, mid-level management and leader decision.
        “OA Platform V8” is a multi-user on line synergic office system, basing on the “e-Techgine Software Platform”, with B/S frame system. The system combines with the advanced management ideas, management model, software technology, and internet technology, to provide low cost and high efficient synergic application managing tools to customers.
        “OA Platform V8” tightly holds the six core factors of modern business management: Culture, Communication, Collaboration, Creation, Control, and Center, to build the structured, flexible-integrated, and dynamic-responded intelligent synergic application management system of the enterprise-operation-management style..

      Culture: Company culture is the basic guarantee of the team ability. In modern company, team with no company culture can absolutely not become the team with powerful ability. It’s the company soul and spirit support. “OA Platform V8” offers various supports in company culture construction.
      Communication: Communication is the basic for a team to show its power. Without communication, no team can survive. “OA Platform V8” supports team-style communication in many methods like call, email, short message and working collaboration to improve the team efficiency.
      Collaboration: The age of personal heroism has passed, and there is almost no project can be finished independently in modern enterprises. It’s important for the teamwork and the collaboration. Besides supporting the communication function, “OA Platform V8” provides the powerful workflow design and chart making tools, which enable enterprises flexibly order their own workflow according to the business.
      Creation: Creation is the enterprise living factor. An enterprise with no creation is destined to die soon. Creation comes from accumulation. “OA Platform V8” provides many supports for organizing knowledge accumulation, application and innovation. It is a system developed by fully studying the characteristics of human nature and the features of the organization.
      Control: The purpose of control is to better ensure the achievement of the enterprise strategy, working plan, and working targets. Control more exists in overall project progress control. By allocating the work or projects, the projects can be truly implemented and finished. “OA Platform V8” strictly monitors and timely reminds each job, to make sure that each work is done accordingly.
      Center: The above 5C ensures significantly improvement of team efficiency, but the team efficiency improvement is not equal to enterprise efficiency improvement. “OA Platform V8” introduces the concept of the working platform: all the enterprise systems are put together on a platform; the related data is analyzed for executives to control the whole enterprise and lead to the rapid and healthy growth.