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      Software Customization


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        “E-Techgine Software Platform” provides a platform where users can quickly create or adjust the application systems such as eHR, CRM, OA, ERP. The platform has a strong secondary developing function, with exceptional scalability. Without modifying the backend code, users can quickly and flexibly create, delete, or move various business function modules, or self-define all kinds of business forms, business executive button, business workflow, working menu, working report, formulas, etc.. Meanwhile, the advantage of the flexible system input and output, the efficient data permutation, and the fast data query enable customers to be more proficient.

      Form Self-Definition
      Users can directly define various business forms, or set different elements on the forms, such as graphics, input box, radio button, checkbox. Our system supports PDF setup mode. Users can freely set the position of each field, such as margin, field width, height, and the graphic background can be directly imported.
      Field Self-Definition
      Users can easily create a data dictionary, which is also called field list, where each field can be named freely, and different formats can be set, such as numeric, text, date, drop-sown selection, rich text. The system reserves many spare fields for quick and direct addition, delete or modification.
      Executive Button Self-Definition
      The realization of the read, write and executive function for SQL statement by the configuration, is the soul function of “e-Techgine Software Platform”. It can transform the static and not-associated data into dynamic and closely-associated with other business's executive button without coding, which provides widely extend space for improving the application capability of “e-Techgine Software Platform”.
      Workflow Self-Definition
      The system provides both the modeling tools, and the visual workflow modeling environment for designers and developers. It integrates many functions such as flowchart design, business regulation setting, code programming extension, and testing, to ensure the fast and efficient process of the business workflow design and development. Embedded many workflow models, the system supports rich business workflow rules, such as start rules, enforcement rules, transfer rules, forwarding rules, return rules, notification rules, merging rules, branching rules. Not only the designers and the implement persons can design the complex business workflow without coding, but also the administrators of the end users can quickly do the business requirement change via adjusting workflow rules.
      Channel Self-Definition
      The channel frame on the left side is self-definable. The system supports the definition of the icons, multi-level tree shrink or expand, drag up and down, and auto-hide. It is fully applicable to the complex business requirement frame with many nodes, and it can help users to find the required nodes quickly.
      Directory Tree Self-Definition
      The directory tree on the right of the channel is self-definable. It can be set in many display methods, such as by organization structure, by data, or by other self-defined rules. It helps users quickly filter and locate the required data.
      Interface Self-Definition
      The system supports different display of interfaces, menus, portals, lists, etc., according to different users' privileges. Within their own perference, users can set different interface, fast executive button, and temporarily hidden function according to the daily using frequency.
      Organization Chart Self-Definition
      The system supports many display models of the organization chart, such as the style of umbrella, tree, mixed, and matrix. The organization chart can be freely dragged or directly operated on the graph, such as organization information query, merge, cancellation. Users can self-define the level relation, graphic height, width, and so on.
      Reminder Self-Definition
      According to the appointed field condition, with the corresponding logic testing condition trigger reminder, and the reminder information field combination configuration, the system can offer multiple reminder channels via email, SMS, or others, to provide the universal tools of the alert or testing, which are required by the system.
      Permission Self-Definition
      System uses three kinds of security mechanism: the program self-protection system, network login protection system, and database login protection system, to prevent the confidential data from invasion. The system offers visual permission managing tools, which includes account management, user right assignment, data backup and recovery, etc.. The system uses the security system of SQL Server or Oracle, and the user-controlled visit system, while the permission control can be as strict as field level.
      Formulas Self-Definition
      By the formulas management provided by the system, users can set different formulas for different projects, and directly refer to the different fields. This function is frequently used in the aspects of payroll calculation, cost statistic, etc..
      Data Import and Export Self-Definition
      The system supports powerful data import and export functions. Data of any windows can be exported to Excel, and data of Excel can be pasted to the specified windows. Under the strictly permission control, users can flexibly import the data to a specified window, with the import templates and formats the same as the specified window charts, and no other conditions. The system supports many data import formats, such as TXT, Excel, and multi-sheet Excel import.
      Report Self-Definition
      The system provides report design tools, and the strong and powerful intelligent analysis function, to help users take full advantage of distributed data. The system uses the advanced reporting engine for report designing and presenting. The easy design method, like Excel, and the strong new generation report model makes the users finish the design of various complex reports easily. The system provides a variety of statistical charts, involving pie charts, bar charts, line charts, types of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and the multi-graph in one chart.