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      Software Customization


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        Techgine Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is committed to provide users professional, comprehensive, and customized information technology application solutions. We take the responsibility for enterprise information technology construction, and continuously improve the management level and core competitiveness of the users by combining with the advanced management concepts and the softwares.
        Compared with other similar products, our “e-Techgine” software product has the advantages as follows:

      Quick & Efficient Customization
      Relying on the strong support of the “e-Techgine Software Platform”, without backend code modification, the business function and module extension can be modified quickly, efficiently and flexibly. Our project developing period is short, our implementation expense is reasonable, and we help to reduce the cost of enterprise information construction investment.
      Specified Implementation process
      Techgine has a large number of high quality, rich experienced technical talents, and have established a whole set of project service operation system which includes user business requirement consultant, project design, system development, backend test, function extension, field project implementation, customer training, after-sales service hotline support, system on-site maintenance and system upgrades, etc..
      Mature & Stable System
      With the continual accumulation of the customers and the service experience, the “e-Techgine Software Platform” is nearly perfect. The outstanding performance of the “e-Techgine Software Platform” has won the esteem and praise from our users.
      Flexible System Deployment
      The system can both support C/S and B/S structure. It provides strong technical support and business processing capability for enterprise information technology construction. Enterprises can flexibly select system deployment methods according to their own requirements.
      Flexible System Operation
      Enterprises can freely create, delete, and move various business function modules according to their own requirements, and self-define business workflow, working menu, working report, formulas, etc., to make the system exactly match the actual management module of the enterprise. Meanwhile, the advantage of the flexible system input and output, the efficient data permutation, and the fast data query enables customers be more proficiency.
      Friendly System Interface
      The system interface is simply and specific. The menu is elegant and easily operated. Users can switch the language freely, and set windows arrangement according to their own habits, which more fits users’ preference.
      Strict Business Workflow
      Each module operation in the system has strict flow, and rigorously executed according to the enterprise policies. The system supports multi-user operation mode, well overcomes the flow confusion in multi-user collaborative operation, and provides a good collaborative environment for the mutual cooperation between the multi-users.
      Secured & Safe System
      System uses three-tier security prevention mechanism: the program self-protection system, network login protection system, and database login protection system, to prevent the user confidential data from invasion. The user permission in the system can by controlled to field level, in order to strictly control the read and write permission of each user.
      Highly compatible with the third-party system
      The system has good data transfer interface with other management software (such as financial settlement center, bank account input and output, ERP system.), and can do perfect data exchange with MS OFFICE system, to avoid enterprise repeating investment of the same interface in different system.
      Powerful Statistics
      Comprehensive query tools are embedded in the system (by any combination). The operation is simply, when the permission is strict. Users can save their frequently search criteria any time to improve working efficiency.
      With the report developing tool embedded, the system can generate different reports based on user's requirements. The system can create a variety of integrated charts with rich contents, by the design of the database tables, compatibility with MS Excel format setting, and integrated setting of text, data, and graphs in one.
      Easy Server Maintenance
      Taken enterprise-level database (MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) as the database server platform, the system provides visual integrated management environment, which includes: account management, user permission assignment, data backup and recovery, etc.. The server design fully consider the module function and application function, and sets the maintenance on the application level, which both simplify the operation and ensure the data security.
      Lower Development Cost
      Techgine insists on the actual requirements of the customers. Quickly completing the projects without rewrite the backend code, “e-Techgine Software Platform” can greatly reduce the software development cost.
      Better Maintenance Service
      Refusing the traditional backward one-to-one product service method, offering professional maintenance by teamwork, Techgine ensures the smooth system implementation under strict project management. Techgine offers a variety of after-sales maintenance program, such as telephone, e-mail consult, fax, remote login maintenance, onsite maintenance visit, to ensure the smooth operation of the system.