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      Software Customization


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        German philosopher Leibniz once said: ”There are no two exactly same leaves in the world.” It means there are no two same things in the world, things have commonality, and difference as well. Similarly, there are no two same enterprises in the world. Different enterprise has different business philosophy, management policy and business workflow. Therefore, different enterprise needs different management software.

        Many companies usually ignore that the software must fit their specialized management before the project start. Most companies blindly believe the commitment made by the consultants that Business Process Reengineering (BPR) would assist companies to achieve informatization, however, they found that many business in the system cannot achieve after BPR. For enterprises, “survival is always the first requirement.” That software, which cannot meet the business requirements, is not suitable. Even though some software has secondary development, the enterprise now will find that the secondary development takes great risk and the cost unexpected high, which far exceeds the enterprise capacity.

        Techgine Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.? (“Techgine”) provides the self-developed, self-modeling “e-Techgine software platform”, which is based on the feature of configurable and multi-level function extension, provides management software customization service to those enterprises of different industry, different scale, or different workflow business environment. “e-Techgine Software Platform” brings the management software back to its original position – support the enterprise management, makes the Information technology and the system truly become the boosters to raise the enterprise core competitiveness, and enables the enterprise users to really control the resource system which should already belongs to the enterprise self-operation.

        Techgine has a large number of high quality, rich experienced technical talents, and have established a whole set of project service operation system which includes user business requirement consultant, project design, system development, backend test, function extension, field project implementation, customer training, after-sales service hotline support, system on-site maintenance and system upgrades, etc., to guarantee the successful acceptance of each tailored project.

        “e-Techgine Software Platform” suits the enterprises of different scales, and can order the interface for different ERP system, to ensure the data closely connected.

        Large enterprises
      Business management requirements but ERP cannot cover
      Business process optimization and local improvements
      Partial information requirements of department level
        Medium or small enterprises
      Core business management, standard products as EPR replaceable
      Over 80% information requirements coverable
      No need for enterprises to double purchase different kinds of management software