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      Cooperation Partner


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      Channel Partners

        The foundation for good channel partnership is common goal, shared responsibility and the win-win result. In Techgine, we offer the comprehensive channel partner development programs. Our channel partners are also consistent to the commitment to provide customers with comprehensive enterprise information solutions, and will work the enhance to products competitive advantages.

        Channel partners play an important role in our developing strategy, who will provide customers with a whole set of sales, implementation, training, support and customer service. Cooperated with Techgine, you can provide more energetic and comprehensive enterprise information solutions, more satisfy your customers, and create more profits for your career, in the new economic environment.

        The channel strategy of Techgine will provide the complete related tools, resource and training to our channel partnership, to help them successfully sell Techgine products and solutions.

        For more information about the channel partnership, welcome to call us by (86 - 021) 51755529, or email to

      Business partner

        In Techgine, our business method is to reply on our business partners to provide enterprise the information technology solutions. The close cooperation and the complementary advantages are our success key for both us and our business partners.

        Our business partner program will formalize this partnership. We will pay referral fees to our business partners for introducing sales opportunities, in order to achieve the win-win situation with our business partners.

        This is the cooperate mode which benefits you, your customers and Techgine as well. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

        For more information about the business partnership, welcome to call us by (86 - 021) 51755529, or email to