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      Cooperation Partner


        If you have any suggestions or opinions, please call us via
        021-51755529 or email us via


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      • 1. Please fill in the 《Cooperation Partner Application Form》 (right click, "save as"), either fax, post or email to Techgine. For detailed contact information, please refer to "Contact Us".
        2. As for the communication, confirmation and the bilateral agreement negotiation, we will reply the application in 10 working days.
        3. Please provide the relevant materials like the business license copy.
        4. We will review and audit the qualification.
        5. We will sign the agent or cooperative agreement.
        6. There will be joint market operations.
        Contact Us
        Tel : (86 - 021) 51755529
        Fax : (86 - 021) 51755529 - 801
        Marketing Department
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