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        Techgine Information system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Techgine”) is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in enterprise management software R&D, and provides individualized solutions.

        Techgine is committed to provide professional, comprehensive and individualized solution of information technology applications to enterprises. Responsible for enterprise information technology construction, through the combination of the advanced management concepts and the software, Techgine continuously improve the enterprise management level and the core competencies.

        After many years' technology development and marketing operation, Techgine found that due to the customer demand diversity and the enterprise business and management mode difference, enterprises have various information technology request even in different developing period. Therefore, it’s difficult for simple generic products to continuously and deeply meet the enterprise information technology requirements.

        In order to meet the different customer requirements more accurate, more efficient and faster, Techgine introduces a new generation of management software platform —— and a range of sophisticated products based on that platform: HR Platform V8 (Human Resource Management System), CRM Platform V8 (Customer Relationship Management system), and OA Platform V8 (Office Automation System).

        Meanwhile, taking advantage of the flexible customization of the “e-Techgine Software Platform”, technicians can rapidly complete the project without modifying the backend code, which can save customer project cost, under the premise of accurately meeting the customer requirement.

        Techgine has a large number of high quality, rich experienced technical talents, and have established a whole set of project service operation system which includes user business requirement consultant, project design, system development, backend test, function extension, field project implementation, customer training, after-sales service hotline support, system on-site maintenance and system upgrades, etc.

        Our product concept is “Profession Makes Success, Innovation Leads Future”. We continuously research and develop the new generation product function by the most advanced technology and designing tools. Under this sustainable development concept, Techgine's products can be closer to customer’s actual requirements, and support the wider and deeper development of the enterprises.

        Techgine’s business philosophy is “Customer First, Teamwork Spirit, Pioneer & Innovation”. Always insisting on customer requirement oriented, Techgine provides customers efficient and flexible software products and better service. Meanwhile, Techgine constantly advocates the company atmosphere of equality, friendship, motivation and cooperation, and we encourage our staff progress and development. We not only prompt the stable and pragmatic working style, but also encourage the pioneering and innovative ideas, in order to maintain vitality during the steady development.

        Facing the future, with your great support, we will do our best to provide the better products and higher quality service. Let’s enjoy and share the entertainment from work.