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      About Us


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      Product Logo :

      Product Design Concept :

      • Profession Makes Success      Innovation Leads Future

      Company Business Philosophy :

      • Customer First, Teamwork Spirit, Pioneer & Innovation

      Company Quality Policy :

      • Keep meeting customers’ requirements, providing worthy, value-added and over price products, and improving the service quality

      Company Spirit :

        We are dedicated, honest, conscientious, and innovative
      • Dedicated: we use excellent software and service, to help users improve the management level. We treasure this opportunity, respect this career, and proud of the customer praise!
      • Honest: We treat people with sincerity, convince people with truth, earn profits from guaranteeing users’ benefit, and gain economic income from social interest.
      • Responsible: Our software guarantees users’ management stability and security, to avoid any damage from negligence or errors. We are always conscientious and meticulous in each aspect from software design, development, testing, implementation, and service.
      • Innovative: We will create more valuable products, markets, and services, through constant self-denial, and self-improvement.