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        CRM, the abbreviation of “Customer Relationship Management”, is the combination of modern information technology and the business concepts. Based on the information technology, with the important combination and design of the “Customer-Oriented” business workflow, CRM supports to form an automatic solution to improve customer loyalty, and ultimately to improve the business operation efficiency and the profit growth.

        “Customer-Oriented” theory is the core of the CRM. Through meeting the customerlized requirements and enhancing the customer loyalty, CRM achieves the purposes for shortening sales cycles, lowering sales cost, increasing revenue, expanding market, and fully improving enterprise profitability and competitiveness. The origin intention for CRM in any enterprise is to create more value for customers, then to realize the “Win-Win” goal between the customers and the enterprises.

         With the market competition becoming increasingly fierce, it’s more and more difficult for the traditional enterprise managing system to be competent for the dynamic customer channels and relationship management. CRM system, based on the Internet, brings enterprise a major change on business managing method, which has very important significance for the enterprise development.

        1. CRM comprehensively improves the enterprise operation efficiency.
        Through integrating the entire business links and the resource system, CRM can greatly improve the enterprise operation efficiency. A set of complete CRM serves as a link between the frontend and backend in the enterprise resource allocation system. Forward, it can extend to all directions of enterprise channels. It can integrate traditional call center, client organization, and combine with e-business as enterprise portals, online sales, and online customer service, etc., to form enterprise dynamic frontend. Backward, it can gradually penetrate to the production, design, logistics and HR department, etc., to integrate with the system like ERP and SCM. By the resource system integration, it achieves the enterprise-range information sharing, to greatly improve the business workflow automation level and the employee working efficiency, and to make the enterprise operation more smooth, the resource allocation more efficient.

        2. CRM optimizes the value-added market chain of the enterprise.
        The application of the CMR makes the original “fight alone” sales staff, marketing person, service person, and after-sales service person begin to truly coordinate and cooperate around the market demands, and compose a powerful team with the key theory of “Meet Customer Needs”. As for the enterprise finance department, production department, purchase department, and store & transportation department, etc., CRM has become an important resource to reflect the information like customer demands, market distribution, and product sales situation, etc..

        3. CRM keeps old customers and attracts the new.
        On one hand, through the integration of customer information recourse, CMR helps the enterprise capture, track and use all the customer information, to achieve resource sharing across the enterprise, to enable enterprise better manage the sales, service and customer information, and to provide customers quick and thoughtful service. On the other hand, customers can choose their favorite methods to communicate with the enterprise, to gain the information more convenient and to enjoy the service better. By improving the customer satisfaction, CRM helps the enterprise retain more old customers and attract new customers more efficiently.

        4. CRM expands the market continuously.
        With the new business models (telephone, internet) to expand sales and service system, CRM helps expand enterprise business activity scope, grasp the market chance in time, and occupy more market share.
        CRM is a concept of business management, and it is a computer support system to realize the CRM as well. Under the CRM concept, with achieving the predictability, harmony, and efficiency by computers, enterprise can overall adjust the relationship with customers. From the point of view of enterprise, CMR can improve enterprise competence from three aspects of intelligent marketing, automatic sales, and efficient customer management. From the view of customers, CRM can save customer purchase cost, meet potential requirements, and offer careful service, while customer can gain benefit from the CRM system as well. Meanwhile, CRM can bring the industry competition advantage for enterprise, which is also called the CRM competition barrier advantage.

        Above all, CRM brings customers the advanced management system and technical method under the Internet age, which has become the foundation to successfully achieve the e-commerce, and supports the enterprise transform from traditional enterprise model to the e-commerce advanced enterprise model.